Gems from the Harddrive
I was going through the old external drive and came across some photos from Saints and Sinners tour and numerous Thrasher Prevent This Tragedy trips. Here are some that I came across that didn't make the magazine cut but the footage went down in the history books.

Gravette 22 stair 5050 first try in a line

Gravette feeble back into the bank

Guzman kickflip downstream Dodge Skatepark, Columbus Ohio

Gravette lipslide, Portugal

Peter Hewitt frontside five-0 shallow steps

Mikey Curtis frontside blunt Ft Wayne Indiana

Darren Navarrette slob fastplant

Al Partanen frontal invert, Tigard skatepark

Slash frontside feeble

Slash smith grind, Portland Oregon

Weiger back over crooks Philly, Don't Fear the Sweeper tour
27 Feb 2010 by rhino
Fresh team pick ups
Over the past few months Independent Trucks has picked up some new team riders, all of whom were already riding Indy trucks on their own accord.

First up, Luan Oliveira. I found this retrospective Brazilian montage with some early footage of him as a grom. He left his other truck sponsor a while ago and started riding Indys because he loves them.

Next up is Jake Johnson, seen here with mad pops while cruising NYC street spots... Apparently he has nice skin as well.

Good 'ol Vince Del Valle made the switch to Indys a while back, amidst filming for his recent part in God Save the Label

Speaking of the Label, another Black Label rider Peter Raffin is also now on Indy. He started riding them a couple years ago because we make the best trucks for wider street boards; the 149.

From 2 Label guys to 2 Creature Fiends... first up we got Truman Hooker. Creature Lee will probably be bummed on this unauthorized duplication of Hesh Law. Seriously though, you should really buy the Hesh Law DVD its totally worth it.

$10 bucks says that video is off YouTube within a week.

Next Fiend now on Independent Trucks is Sean Conover... Not much to say here other than he sometimes has a creepy mustache and rips the SD streets on the regs with style.

Progressing like a mad man right now is Evan Smith, seen here "Just Meshin' Around".

Don't miss out on Mr. Hollywood, Gilbert Crockett. But watch out... you don't want to mess around with him or his people... The "power player" is Doin' Thangs!

And last but not least, and in case you missed the previous post with his ad, Independent is psyched to welcome back Matt Miller, seen here in DC's Skateboarding Is Forever.

There's more to announce but I'll hold my breath for now. But to review, the list is; Luan Oliveira, Jake Johnson, Vince Del Valle, Peter Raffin, Truman Hooker, Sean Conover, Gilbert Crockett, and Matt Miller.

I'll leave you now with a sneak preview of the new Pro V Series trucks coming out next month with signature models from Reynolds, Koston, Rowley, and Haslam as well as a team colorway!
19 Feb 2010 by kdub
El Nino en San Diego
Where its snowing everywhere else in the US, Southern California has been getting it share of rain. Peter Hewitt tests out the new pool pump he got for Xmas. Its a lot easier on the back then pulling buckets out of the pool. Lots of foreclosed houses on the market to take advantage of these days.

Big John

The waiting game

Bucket time

Hewitt shallow end grind

Deep end roll in
18 Feb 2010 by rhino
Bucky Lasek's Upper Backyard
Made the trip up to Bucky's mansion to check out the new bowl he had built in his upper backyard. Duane Peters made a appearance and is back on board after being broke off. You can tell Bucky designed the bowl the way he kills it. Lounge chairs and a fridge with energy drinks and plenty of beers to keep the session brewing.

The Training Facility

Hewitt and Duane catching up

Plenty of cold beverages for everyone!

Duane and Bucky down for life!

DP Twittering

Some of the action
16 Feb 2010 by rhino
Marius Indy Video / Slap Magazine Interview

Head on over to and peep Marius Syvanen's new interview by Brennan Conroy. There are tales of skating, family, meltdowns in Spain, eating food off the ground in Cuba and some sick sequences and photos of Marius schralping all over the world. But before you go, don't miss this Marius Indy part!

16 Feb 2010 by kdub
Matt Miller on Independent Trucks
Indy is proud to welcome back to the team, Matt Miller!

After a brief hiatus riding another brand's products, Matt set up a set of Indys and they felt so good he called up and wanted to get back on the team. At the Crossroads show in San Diego last week he told me, "My set up feels so good right now!"

Speaking of set ups... He recently got on Expedition One and has been destroying the streets, logging all sorts of parts recently. Expedition just posted a video commercial and compiled a list of links for our enjoyment...

He's got a nice slappy on his fresh lookin' Indys in this DC 7 Zine footage of Evan Smith and Taylor Mcclung screwing around in the DC Parking lot.
10 Feb 2010 by kdub
Peter Raffin & Silent Mike
Peter and Mike have some good stuff in this Osiris spot from Mayfair Park in San Jose. They tear it apart with Elijah Berle and Jamie Palmore. That place is fun.

09 Feb 2010 by kdub
Ben everywhere...
Seems like everywhere I go these days Ben Hatchell is there... ripping... in this case it was Crossroads Retail Show at ASR in San Diego where he finally laid down a backside 540 worth $500 for the hungry crowd of skaters amidst ripping from guys like Strubing, Mimms, Hale, Smolik and others on the Shark Corner. Nyjah Houston won the Excalibur Rail contest beating out Chris Cole and Nick Merlino who were both on their own game.
Ben Hatchell
Check out the video coverage by P-Stone and Smitty below or click here for Burnout's photos.

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine

Here's a slideshow of images from the 2 day trade show.
07 Feb 2010 by kdub
#42 Independent / Blanco Basura Super Lite Truck
Rich Novak and Independent Truck Co. have teamed up with Blanco Basura on this Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Super Lite truck. In the last race of 2009, the UTV Champ turned Super Lite driver Chad George gave veteran Rob Naughton a run for his money, coming in a close second in the Bully Dog Super Lite class. Apparently the guy just goes for it... all or nothing.
02 Feb 2010 by kdub
One of my New Year's Resolutions was to not blog this year. That makes all of my Resolutions broken before the end of the Month.
But once I saw these new Indys' coming out I had to "share." Well, as much as we're willing to share. This is the best looking SHIT since ever!

Hitting the shops soon.

While I am here I want to give you some photos of Eric Dressen inking on Blitz's own Ryan Weber. Damn, Ryan get's it!
That shit has got to be tough to do on the Knee. Looks great.

Thanks Chuck!
and I am out!
18 Jan 2010 by Kram
Smiles for miles...
In case you didn't already notice in all of the commotion of Luan Oliveira's repeat performance at Tampa Am and kicking off Twenty Ten with a surprise going Pro meal at Hooters; amongst other things or perhaps you haven't gotten a copy of the new Thrasher and seen his debut ad, Luan Oliveira rides Independent Trucks with pride. Welcome to the Team!
08 Jan 2010 by kdub
Just a quick check in. Got some Chris Haslam mini jam coming out of Dubai. Apparently he's over there checking up on his stock portfolio. Keeping an eye on his Money!

Thanks to Myche and the dudes at
Rage Skate shop
The Middle East #1 skate shop.
Also the boys and girls at FAKIETOFAKIE have got there new zine up. 2nd issue in as many months. Very ambitious, keep up that pace! The only down side is that I can't look at it while I'm on the Shitter. I'm not taking the laptop with me!
17 Dec 2009 by Kram
Built to K-Grind!
Dave Duncan sent me this photo of Haslam's 149's which have a serious crooked grind groove going on the front and a nice 5-0 groove on the back. Seriously...

Do you ride wider decks? 8 1/4 to 8 1/2?
Ride the Best, #&@% the Rest!
09 Dec 2009 by kdub
Alex Horn and David Gravette dropped by the other day to get some free shit. Bad news is that there was only one sample of the new Burnside ashtray / box. Now they both wanted this pretty bad. Sounds like a goodtime for an old fashion foot race!

Burnside box coming soon. Portions go to help
stay alive and well.
02 Dec 2009 by Kram
Quick recap of the week/ weekend. Indy-ana crew came thru to check the Hesh Law premiere in S.F. and to skate as much as possible. Video was sick as can be. Lots of drinks and laughs. Up the next morning and off to Sabastopol and one of the best parks I've ever skated!! St.Helena! Wow. Shitty video below.
They even had an epic trip to Uves Damn and Buena pool with one Keith Meeks.

Here is some of there fresh Indy ink.

That was F#@king fun. Come out again soon!
Last but not least the first ever
fakie to fakie
Zine is up on line. Good luck getting a paper version! Nice work Marty
Watch for more to come.
17 Nov 2009 by Kram
True Classic - Andrew Reynolds

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine
10 Nov 2009 by kdub
Lee Bender Benefit

Go and Give!
29 Oct 2009 by Kram
Road to Hell is paved with Good intentions.
Last week is a blur. I meant to talk about Hall of fame?, Damn Am?, Rumble in Ramona?
Whatever it's over. I did happen to steal some photos from Dawes
blog spot
God knows I can't get any directly from him.


Lance is en fuego!

Holmes blasting.

After the Rumble K-Dub drove the Truck back to roost in Production.
She looks great on the outside, but smells like shit on the inside!

Next item of Business. Got 2 completely different Art dudes to do T's for Indy. Be on the look out for

and Andy Mueller

Be on the hunt for these beauties. You can also check out this NHS thing . That was for my man JK.

On the Not so Fun Board front. MarMar
Took it apon himself to make a shape. I get any proceeds made from this item or you will be hearing from my Lawyers!
While we are on the subject of Fun boards. Bomb rough cut.

Video soon!

Time to throw up some picts of people that "get it"
Tattoo picts come in all day long!

Charles getting gnarly at the boardroom

Last thing. I gotta say that " The Novak" is an interesting fellow.

perhaps the most interesting man in the World!
A 5 min. encounter yielded a story about him Managing a Folk band in the 60's, turning down a chance at Woodstock.Instead, flying over to Italy to work on a Fellini film while dating Clint Eastwoods secretary. Oh yeah, He also invented weed. I am going to start recording this shit! Rich, hit me up if you want a full time Biographer.
27 Oct 2009 by Kram
This weekend in Ramona Creature/ Thrasher present
the Rumble! Beers, Boards, Bands, and Bitches, everything you could ever want.

On the Creature tip. Our man Rick is here finishing up the Blood Shed
He had to escape from LA to come live on our mini ramp for 2 weeks to finish this sucker.
This shit is going to be epic.

screen zone out

Lee and Rick

Ricks home in the Rafters.
If this was N.Y. this place would go for $1200 a month.

Other news. Our man Suski has a interview over at muddy roots

Here is something that I am really hyped on. Final came in today and it looks F#@king great!

The Burnside replica box. Portions of the sale goes to help keep
Burnside doing what they are doing. Look for future projects with FDR and Washington St.

The last little something for you. I am thinking about starting my own line of Fun Boards like Santa Cruz

16 Oct 2009 by Kram
Wow! What a gnarly, dirty weekend it's been. Day and night sessions going down at the "by now" buried Buena pool. Check out some shots.

Late Friday night session. As empty as it ever was.

Lives and dies and is reborn again.

what you're working with!

crowd was getting rowdy!
Such a crazy once in a life time event. I don't know how they pulled it off, but it was gnarly! So many rippers and SC classics.

One of my favorite stories comes from Dem Indiana Boyz who slept in this tent next to the bowl for 48 hours.

They got a 6am skate wake up call from a Mr. Jason Jessee. Who slipped in a early morning private session. Rolled in solo, ripped it up and then disappeared into the woods without his skate, never to be seen again. The legend continues.
Check out some video at Thrasher and over at Santa Cruz
Much more to come so keep your eyes peeled.
One last thing.
When we say GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! We mean it!

This truck is over 20 years old and it came it to Chris in Warranty.
Guess what, new set of Indy's , no questions. FOR LIFE!
06 Oct 2009 by Kram
Couple of things. Don't forget. Wait, Sorry Never Forget Tim Brauch
11th Annual contest this weekend @ both the Scotts Valley Park (Street) and @ S.J.'s Cunningham park (Bowl). Tim ruled. Wait Tim still rules.

Also this weekend is the Vans downtown showdown
in L.A. Lots to do and see this weekend. Get out there and check some shit out.

Got a little separated at birth shot for you.

Darren is going to be bummed, or maybe he's stoked? to look like the Night Stalker.
The chicks dig that scary shit.
Speaking of Darren he happens to be in the building with P-Stone and Gravette. Lee and the boys are doing some hardcore editing for this coming Creature video. Must have gotten a little weird last night.
I came in this morning and the place smelled like Salamie and Beer.
Looks like some tattoos were given and perhaps some Clorox got smoked.
Nobody came in until mid afternoon and they all had dark glasses on inside.
This video might be pretty F'n heavy in some places. Hold on tight.

Last little morsel. The next installment of
Stories from the Fun Factory This one comes from our Buddy Ron Whaley. Enjoy.
25 Sep 2009 by Kram
Sneaking in a Quickie
A little something for the weekend. Ready to go skate some fresh construction over at the Boardroom. They got a skate jam on Saturday. Rumor has it they got some $$$ on the line for biggest ripper! Come on down and step up.

Now for something I have wanted to do for awhile. There are so many weirdoes and deviants working/ hanging around here. I thought I would collect some of there favorite NHS stories in there own words. Every week or so I will post one up for your consumption. First up long time employee/ team rider/ rad dude, Mr. Dave Freil.


Here is a little item that I have heard rumor of for many years.

We need one of these beauties here at the NHSinked. We'll trade you out some trucks?
Thanks Mike for sending this in.
And while I'm thanking everybody, Thanks Marty
O.K. time to go. Later!
18 Sep 2009 by Kram
Gotta list of congratulations to hand out here. First up Big Al P. and his lovely lady Amanda got hitched last week in Vegas.

They stopped thru today on there way up to Spa out in Napa.

Speaking of Napa. Our very own Jordon took the plunge this weekend.

Doctored File photo
And the Web Wizard cast his spell and was born a baby boy!

Good Luck to all!

15 Sep 2009 by Kram
...But first, I don't know if you've heard?

Let our own K-Dub PROVE IT to ya!

Whole load of schizophrenic shit here so hold on. This beauty got sent my way.
That shit is nice and clean. Circles are hard ya'll.
Thanks Harold!
New NHSinked, well old ink that finally got finished.

Charles gets Trucks for life! for this one. I would like to say Thanks and Sorry.

Wherever Charles is there is sure to be Cooley. Here he is thinking about this one

He settled for this one.

A quick Happy- B-day to Gracie who turns 9.

I stole your shit Marty.You have lots of free time my man.
Somebody loves Lee??Always dropping his image in things. Freaky

Lee shot this little bad boy for us the other day.

Needless to say Denike is not happy about this one! So in response I have quickly put together this T.

It hurts doesn't it Eddie??!

Back to giving some shit away! Here is the deal, I'm tired and don't want to think. First person to e-mail me the correct answer will win some Independent Genuine Parts Bearing plus whatever random shit is laying around my desk. Here is the question. Who is doing the smith grind on the cover of the Built to Grind book? So easy.
03 Sep 2009 by Kram
Business first. In case you didn't know Mr. Chris Haslam has a new signature truck.
Click this shit right here
to check out all the new trucks.

See the Dalai Lama gets it!

I feel like using the Dalai Lama in oils really captures Indy's more compassionate, understanding side. The World would really be a better place if we all just rode Indy's.
Thanks to Jason Arnold for capturing the feeling on canvas.

NHSinked is back up and running. Just finished this little doozie.

Wizard Beer Staff. The victim of this tattoo shall remain nameless. You know who you are.
Thanks for letting me give you your "official" shitty tattoo.
While we are on the subject of ink. I get a lot of Indy tattoos sent my way but by far this is the best one yet.

Have no fear there is a landing strip under that black bar. Thanks Kevin. 3 gold stars.

Onto some in-house news. The Web Dept. is having a Birthday week. Happy B-day goes out to Larson and little buddy Marty

I think they are expecting lots of people to show up, so get there early and bring gifts.

And on a sad note Mr. Imler had to be let go from the Art Dept. today. Actual he quit to move to Austin but NOBODY QUITS THE ART DEPT!!!!!!

Don't worry no Imlers were hurt. I'm just a Photoshop Wizard.
21 Aug 2009 by Kram
Emulsion Stew Show
San Jose Skater Photographer Jai Tanju is hosting a photo show called Emulsion Stew with other photographers from his Print Exchange Program Film Por Vida.

The show runs August 15-31, 2009 at Empire Seven Studios, 525 N. 7th St., San Jose, California. Opening night is this Saturday, August 15th from "8 'til late". Fore more info dial 408.668.4434.
11 Aug 2009 by kdub
So I got a bunch of random ass stuff for you. Basically just recycling other peoples shit. We'll place these items in the "in case you missed them" folder.
Our friends over at skate and annoy had a couple of classics.

No more finger boarding naked!
Here is a little clip of Wonder Woman skateboarding. Very nice! Click me and enjoy!

Next is a project I have been waiting for. This is the Tim Brauch movie trailer.
One of my all time favorite dudes. WATCH THIS!

The TMB contest is coming soon. September 27th @ Lake Cunningham skatepark S.J. Ca.

O.K. moving on. A sad day the other day. A piece of NHS skate history is outta here.

Many Team orders have been packed at this desk. RIP old buddy.

Was thinking about chopping it up and throwin up pieces on E-Bay.

Can't remember who sent me this but thanks.

This dude gets it! Keep them photos coming.
Last thing before I go. Congrats to Art Dude Tyler Emanuel. T-man is getting Married tonight. Way to think it thru buddy! Hope you have an open bar.
07 Aug 2009 by Kram
Me and You and a dog named Blue
Back from the family vacation and ready to blog my ass off.

First order of business. Got some pics e-mailed my way I thought I'd share.

These guys get it!... I think?

Everybody needs a little Lucas art on there body. Best be getting the rest of that thing colored in.
Thanks for the Pics HMC.
Next Picture is what I feel every skate shop truck case should look like. Why bother with other trucks?

Keep up the good work over at the Boardroom!

Next. One of the best parts about working here is that somedays heavy dudes roll thru.
3 living legends + a dog named blue.

Mumfords dog Blue. 2 Australians roaming the waistlands, just like Road Warrior.
Al and Matt holding it down.

Real talk with Chetster and our own DWF.

Chet gets it! Two times!

Tay Tay showed up on his B-day! That ryhmed.

Mikey Curtis was at Grandpa's ripping as always. Watch out for this kid.
He's younger, cooler , and way better than you.

Gordo putting the shred down on the extension.

Dave doing it in the deep end.

The Pit was roaring.
My favorite moment of the night. A young lady asked Al if he ever straightened his hair?...
Then Al proceeded to tell us the story of having his hair flattened.

Artist rendition.

One last little bit of info, more of a teaser. Got this little beauty in the other day. Not going to say too much. This is the next level to the ceramic pool series we've been doing.
You figure it out. More Info later

24 Jul 2009 by Kram
Bryce Kanights Series by Nemo

Bryce Kanights- Part 1 of 3 from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.

Bryce Kanights- Part 2 of 3 from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.

Bryce Kanights- Part 3 of 3 from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.

Bryce Kanights- Bonus- Part 4 from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.

Bryce Kanights- Bonus- Part 5 from Nemo Entertainment on Vimeo.

22 Jul 2009 by kdub
Grant Taylor turns...
...on Indys! Oh yeah, and he also just turned pro for Alien Workshop! Congrats ripper. From grom to man with the quickness.
22 Jul 2009 by kdub
Cayman begin..
Horn, Parts, Hobls, and Bourn give us a first taste of the Cayman trip at the end of this Thrasher web piece.

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine
20 Jul 2009 by kdub
Fresh off the pirate ship...
Koston Tweeting from Indy / Thrasher Cayman trip.

A couple of castaways...Haslam & Partanen
A couple of castaways...Haslam & Partanen on Twitpic

and tearing Dawes apart...

Warm up game of s.k.a.t.e. on a 2-1/2ft quarter pipe. Dawes looks like he's chasing a cheeseburger.
Warm up game of s.k.a.t.e. on a 2-1/2ft quarter pipe. Dawes l... on Twitpic

Speaking of's one in the foreground & the background
Speaking of's one in the foreground & the... on Twitpic

And of course some actual skating is going down...
Then Drew got busy on the double on Twitpic
17 Jul 2009 by kdub
Lizard and the Devil
I thought he already sold his soul but...

I wonder if he still has the Fiero?
15 Jul 2009 by kdub
Rick Howard... hilarious. Check out the promo for his new Lakai shoes.

He's had some rad video parts over the years amongst some hilarious comedy and tomfoolery. I couldn't find that 411 part on YouTube but here's some great skate from over the years:
Blockhead Splendid Eye Torture

Plan B Questionable

with Mike Carroll in Plan B's Virtual Reality

also with Mike Carroll in Girl's Mouse

Beware of the Flare (whole video)

Lakai Fully Flared

I wanted to post Yeah Right and Goldfish parts but I cannot find them. Thanks for the skateboarding entertainment Rick!
15 Jul 2009 by kdub
Knight's Eye Ball

On friday night I was filming at Syndrome for my "FKD rider of the week" segment in aug. I fell on a ledge that runs next to a square railing, spun around and impaled my face into the end of the rail. I have an orbital fracture and 18 stitches. This sometimes requires surgery, to rebuild the floor of the eye socket, if the eyeball sinks in 2mm or if vision hasn't returned to normal in 2 weeks. Mine is already about 70%, which is reassuring. The left half of my face is still completely numb though.

I attached some pictures so you can better understand the injury (one diagram is a before, the other, an after with the orbital bone broken and the optical nerve and muscle impacted into the sinus below. Same with my CAT scan). If i had had my head angled an inch lower I would have lost my eye. I got fucking lucky with this one.

06 Jul 2009 by diggs
Hot Dogs
= Links:
Afternoon in the Life: Eric Koston
On the Download - Sammy Baca
Lizard Mega Passion
In Depth Chet Childress Parts 1 & 2
Fatback Friday with Chet, Gravette, etc.
Sascha Daley ripping Black Box
02 Jul 2009 by kdub
Chet Childress Slapped! has part 1 of a 3 part article featuring the art, photography, and skateboarding of Chet Childress complete with pics, slideshow, sequences, audio interview, and video.
29 Jun 2009 by kdub
New Blood
Koston asked me if Leo Romero rode for Indy. "He does now", I said, "and eventually they all will". "That's kinda cocky", replied Eric. "But true", I opined. Ha ha, we had a laugh- then silence.

Oh yeah, Figgy turns on Indy's now too.

And keep an out eye on updates from the road in a few weeks. The crew is heading to the Grand Cayman Islands for a ride on The Black Pearl. Frosty, The Boss, Leroy Tomato, Weirdily Beardily, The Crow, Creepy Pete, Senator Cranston, The Retired Cooter Slayer, Doughboy, G.T. Performance and Corpsy. Give the real names to this crew and win a set of Indy Stage 10 trucks.
29 Jun 2009 by diggs
Bassett 4th, Koston 2nd at Copenhagen
Final results:
1 Torey Pudwill
2 Eric Koston
3 Eero Antilla
4 Zered Bassett
5 Kerry Getz

Looks like a hot comeback in progress from Matt Beach at 11th... check his interview in the new Transworld.

In depth coverage from P-Stone over at Thrasher:

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine

Finals & Best trick coverage from TWS
29 Jun 2009 by kdub
Bryce Kanights by Nemo Entertainment
Part 1 of a 3 part series on skateboarder, photographer, Indy lifer and all around great guy Bryce Kanights.

Bryce Kanights- Part 1 of 3 from Nemo Design on Vimeo.

26 Jun 2009 by kdub

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine
25 Jun 2009 by kdub
Peter Hewitt
Transworld 2009 Best Transition Skater
18 Jun 2009 by kdub
Cranny vs. the Pepper Water
Hilarious Cranny-ness from Saints and Sinners... "Stay hydrated boys..."
18 Jun 2009 by kdub
O.K. off to my home land to meet up with the Saints and Sinners Tour. 6:25am San jose flight. Gotta pick up Leonard, Lee, and Ron @ 4:45am. Lee, no problem, Leonard " heavy meds", questionable? Ron...hasn't even gone to bed yet! I already know where this trip is going.

The Flying Pharmaceutical AKA: Sexy Scumbag. He got put on the terror watch list
right after this photo was taken.

Good'ol Midwest. It's like your favorite sweatshirt. Warm and cozy. So much Love and Bad Ass Skateboarders.

This is Mike's leg, him and his wife, Rachael F&*$ing rule! They showed the boys a great time! and made great egg sandwiches @ midnight. Thanks Mike.

This is my man Nick Weaver, owner Rise FTW. It was Demo day, the shops anniversary,
Nicks B-day, and a full moon!+ Jeff Kendall is here! Five signs of the coming Apocalypse. Thanks to Nick for throwing a great Jam. The kids where hyped.
Click me to check Thrasher video

The Bone doing what the Bone does! A true professional on and off the court.


Double classic.

Disgusting river race for free product. Triple Classic!

After the Jam, Ramp Jam @ Mikes' house.

Indiana Son and one of the many Bad Asses shredding that ramp. Beanie doing it up.

Entrance to the private VIP ramp lounge. Nav's keeping security tight.

That was a quick 48 hours in my home town. Thanks to Dan B., Josh, Beanie, Nick, Mike, Rachael, Chris S., Cody, all the Ft. Wayners, that shit was fun.
But the Gods aren't done with us yet. Our Airplane got taken out of commission so we got to meet the Boys up in Chicago for one more night of debauchery. Thanks Jimmy for the Bar hook up. Disco lights and dress codes are right up our ally.

Silas joined the fun in Chicago. Heavy hotel skate conversation.
I gotta say I have a renewed respect for everybody on this tour. The level of skating and partying is unmatched. The Vets always rip, Sam, Al, Alex, Nav, Nilton, Eman, so sick. The young guns are going next level. Mikey Curtis, Taylor, Gravette, Adrain, can't get enough.
Also, thanks to DAF Noah, Rhino, and P-stone for holding that shit down tight.
Gotta say job well done to this man.

Jordan kept the ship rolling. Rock star manager, drunken cat wrangler, driver, do'er of things, the Brown Bouncer. Click me now! for more photos.
17 Jun 2009 by Kram
Indy killing the TWS Awards!
Last Friday, Transworld Skateboarding hosted their annual Awards ceremony to celebrate the best voted skaters, teams, and videos of the year with Independent Team Pros taking 4 of the 6 individual categories. Here's how it broke down:

Sean Malto (Girl, etnies, Spitfire, Escapist, Thunder, Diamond, Fourstar, Gatorade)

Heath Kirchart (Alien Workshop, Emerica Apparel, Emerica, Independent Trucks)

Alien Workshop

Mind Field, Alien Workshop

Peter Hewitt (Anti-Hero, Spitfire, Independent Trucks, Vox)

Anthony Van Engelen, Mind Field (Alien Workshop, Spitfire, Independent Trucks, Vans shoes & apparel, Reflex)

Chris Cole (Zero, Fallen, Thunder, G Spot)

Christian Hosoi (Hosoi Skates, Independent Trucks, Quiksilver, Vans, Nixon, OGIO, Ninja, KKSM)

Here is Heath's acceptance speech as well as Skin's photos from the evening.

16 Jun 2009 by kdub
"Remember Monday is Combo Double Punch Day!"
Saints and Sinners Chicago>
and some more in-between comedic mid-west schralping>

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine
15 Jun 2009 by kdub
With true mid-west fashion...
From Saints and Sinners

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine
09 Jun 2009 by kdub
Back to the banks...
Here's the video from TWS:
08 Jun 2009 by kdub
It's been awhile. So many real things happening that there is no time for cyber space.
First off, I don't know if you heard of this thing called Wall-in-berg?? Anyways went to that shit and it was crazy! I've never seen so many black fold over beanies in one place at one time. Not to mention the cameras!

The only way to see anything!

The best worst shot I got. It was still cool to be there. Love him or hate him Phelps + Microphone= Comedy Gold.

On to other shit. I gotta say Congrats and all the best to
5boro on there 13th Anniversary.
I think they got a Party on June 5th in the NYC. Don't drink too much because on the 6th it's Back to the Banks. You boys have fun!

On the subject of this weekend..I'm so excited I might piss myself. Me and the boys are headed out to my hometown of Ft Wayne, Ind. to meet up with the Saints and Sinners Tour

Gnarles will be there

Creature Lee

Nerd. AKA: Tailslide terrorist AKA: mini Salba

Sorry Ron, only photo I had . I know the Bone will be in rare form.

Miles of miles
If I live thru this I should have some serious dirt and incriminating photos to share!
If you're in the NorthEast portion of Indiana, watch out! Lock those doors tight.
Sunday the 8th @ Rise Skateshop
Total slash fest and B-Day bash for Shop owner Nick Weaver.

Marty I promise when I get back I'll run my interview with you. I know you are dying to read about yourself!
04 Jun 2009 by Kram
Epicly Wallen Tapped
04 Jun 2009 by kdub
Damn Am Results
3rd Lair Skatepark in Minneapolis hosted this weekend's Damn Am contest where Chris Mendez took honors. Indy team rider Taylor Smith came in at 5th–comin' up baby... Local Santa Cruz ripper Tommy Werner (SC, Krux, DC, Bill's Wheels) came out of the finals at 11th.

Independent Trucks hosted this year's best trick which got taken by Matt Miller from San Francisco with a nollie 1/2 cab switch 5-0 on the bump to couch.

For full results check out SPoTlight Productions .

Peep TWS coverage here:

Also, if you're in Minneapolis on June 13th, don't miss the Creature / Santa Cruz Saints and Sinners tour, which is already underway!

01 Jun 2009 by kdub
Take care of yourself out there.
As you may already know, JR Neves from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania died late last week. No details are available. Our thoughts and well wishes go out to his friends and family. JR was non-stop; always full speed–having a blast or blasting out. Rip in peace my man.
01 Jun 2009 by kdub
Back to the Berg... case you haven't seen it.

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine

"This shit went off! Marissa Dal Santo gave it 11 tries and was as close as you can get without rolling away. This is what went down in order: Chris Cole - bs 360 (second try); Lizard King (Mike Plum(b)) - bs 180 one foot; Nick Merlino - switch heel; Lindsey Robertson - bs heel; Lizard King - (anti)-airwalk, ollie onto last stair; Jordan Hoffart - varial heel (hand drag, caught last step); Cody McEntire - big spin, Chris Cole - sw fs flip; Andrew Pott - hardflip."
01 Jun 2009 by kdub
Street Scott is reporting the passing of "Street" Scott Terveer. Details are unknown at this time. Scott was a Independent Trucks team rider in the early 80s and appeared in this 1982 advertisement forging new ground by taking vertical maneuvers to the streets of San Francisco with a stylie 5-0 grind. Rest in peace, ripper.

One of the few ads to ever run in multiple issues (05-06/82)
21 May 2009 by kdub
Pro-Tec Pool Party reporting results from yesterday's Pro-Tec Pool Party with Indy legends and pros like Christian Hosoi taking 2nd in Masters with Cab, Salba, Ngoho just outside the top 3.

A full Indy sweep in the Pro division with Bucky taking 1st, Omar Hassan 2nd, and Rune Glifberg 3rd.

Watch all the schralping on Fuel TV HD

1. Julie Kindstrand
2. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins
3. Megan Brown

1. Chris Miller
2. Christian Hosoi
3. Nicky Guerrero

1. Bucky Lasek
2. Omar Hassan
3. Rune Glifberg
17 May 2009 by kdub
Saints and Sinners Tour
14 May 2009 by WebWizard
NHS Open House
Round 2 of photos from our NHS "Backyard Bash" from Holly Anderson.

Click here for the full size slideshow.

Some pics from last night's open house at NHS. More to come... Thanks to all the shops and distribs and skaters for coming out! Click here for the full size slide show.
14 May 2009 by kdub
Well, well, well... NHS open house coming soon. All I know is that there are limited spaces for the NHSinked. 2 guns, some waiting. Here is my latest addition to the flash wall.

Classic tribal. Good for arms and ankles. Man up and get a crappy tattoo.

Just got handed the new Concussion?! CONCUSSION! Thought Devoud was out, but Klien is in!? Anyways welcome back? even though you didn't go anywhere.
Check Concussion out.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Sick new colors coming out. I hi-jacked these images, hope K-Dub don't get mad I leaked them. I'll only show a a little piece of both.

Anodized Gold and Anodized Maroon. Offered in Stage X 129 lows, 129, 139 Standard

I said I was going to do it for 2 years and today I finally made the films to make a very limited # of these beautiful T-shirts.

I'm not sorry I did it.

Before I forget, our good friend Nat over at AXL sent me a link to War of the Thistles 09, day 2 in Aberdeen. Some very heavy shredding going down. Just when I thought nobody could go faster and gnarlier, along comes Stu Graham. My least favorite person to Texas death match with.
watch this!

Now on to my weekly 10 questions with " PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW"
This week it's our buddy in sales, Ramon. Very sharp dresser. He's always got his shit

what do you do here at NHS?
R.A.: " SALES"

What makes you angry?

What's inside your fridge right now?

Best NHS related story/ event?

what's for breakfast?

What's your personal set-up?

What's your worst habit?

What would you do with a time machine?

Knife fight or bike chain fight?

Fav. part of working at NHS?

Ramone hard at work pushing paper.

Wow! That was kinda a psychotic blog. Way too much typing for one day.
I'm bushed.
07 May 2009 by Kram
Little help here?
Hey blogosphere tech nerds! Does anybody want to seed the bit torrent for the Indy Euro 30th DVD burn file? We're having server issues posting it straight up on the site. The file is 1.38GB. If you're down, click the "kdub" link below to email me and we'll figure out how to file transfer it.
07 May 2009 by kdub
I think I'll start with a little business and move my way into pleasure.
We got a lot of shit happening over here in the Fun Factory but I am just going to hit you with some select Hottness. Check this Rowley out!

Brand new and moving out the door quick! Yellow and Black! $%&* good shit!
There are some cool ass new colors coming down the line for trucks so keep an eye out.

Next up is one of the Photographer series T-shirts. Holmes and Brittain are flying out of here. Only 300 have been made so there can't be many left. And don't forget to check the rest of the series out as well. Some real limited shit here. I mean it this time.

That is this Months select Hottness. Go out to your local skate shop and DEMAND INDEPENDENT!!

Finally!, on to pleasure. NHS has a little open house coming up on the 12th and we here at NHSinked are ready and open for business. If you're coming out be sure to check with your Rep. to set up a Shitty Tattoo appointment. Limited space so get on it. Lee and myself will be giving horrible Tattoos for anybody who is brave enough to bare some skin.
Not sure what Lee has cooking( something spooky) but here is a taste of my flash wall.


On to something I've been wanting to do for awhile. I bring you a 10 question series of

We've got a great bunch of worker Bees around here and I thought I would start asking questions and see what I got. Since I'm lazy I thought I would start by turning my chair around and talking with our SC head head, my buddy Lucas.

what do you do here at the NHS?

What makes you angry?

what's in your fridge right now.

best NHS related story /event?

what's for breakfast?

What's your current set up?

what is your worst habit?

what would you do with a time machine?

knife fight or bike chain fight?

fav part of working at NHS?

The man himself hard at work. A cool dude you'll never know.
More to come, and I promise it won't all be Art Dept. dudes!
01 May 2009 by Kram
Take the Skinheads Bowling
Burnout has a couple nice pics and a solid video short with Indy concrete rippers Bucky Lasek, Omar Hassan, and Rune Glifberg. They also call out their pics for the upcoming Vans Pro-Tec Pool Party on May 16th at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, California. Consensus amongst the 3 guys is that Hewitt would be, "who you'd most like to see skate the event but never will". Hmmmm...
30 Apr 2009 by kdub
Big vids!
Hey, if you haven't already seen the New Thrasher video pages get on over there and start watching. They've got a larger default aspect ratio, full screen, and embed options.

Let's give the embed code a little try here... Here's a couple recent web gems with Indy heads Eman, Hewitt, D Navs, Mumford, Mallory, and even a Rhino cameo... Go FULL SCREEN!

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine
28 Apr 2009 by kdub
So Much good shit!
I can't even tell you half the shit that is happening around here. All I'm saying is that the Creature video can't come out soon enough! So much good shit waiting to explode on your face! 9/9/09.

Well it's been awhile but the NHSinked shop is back up and running and today we had a busy schedule.

Open for Business!
Lee was up first and oh so down! The best example of Garfield related tattoo work around.

The crap tattoo section of your body is looking great. Pretty much sums up your life. The wife is going to be happy!

Next up, "The Web Sapling" Mad Dog Marty.

Showing us his toughness with the Toe Tat's.
Hope you can skate tomorrow!
This is what I wanted him to get.

Just a little love for your boy Kram.

And since you're just clicking around looking for Porn. Why not take a break and check the New Indy Tees for Summer Shit is Hot! and only getting hotter!
Also coming very soon a contest to win Gold (real gold) leaf Danny Way 215's. Only ones in the World! Keep checking back for official rules and regs. Very soon!!!!

O.K. it's Friday and time to go skating. Here is a little inspiration. Mondo Loco for life.

24 Apr 2009 by Kram
Remembering Fausto Vitello
Three years ago today Independent Truck Company and Thrasher Magazine co-Founder Fausto Vitello died at the age of 59.

So, do yourself a favor today and go skate. Do it for yourself, because you love it, and never forget the reason why you do it.

And... if you need some trucks you know where to find 'em.
22 Apr 2009 by kdub
...Zarosh; great guy, great skater, different approach.
20 Apr 2009 by kdub
Santa Cruz Scion Demo
A'ight... so good times on Saturday at Santa Cruz Scion who hosted a bevy of skateboarders and localites along with Santa Cruz Skateboards and Santa Cruz Boardroom. Wow that's a lot of "Santa Cruz-ing"...

Anyway, peep the slide show below or click HERE for a larger version.

More coming soon over at CRUZ NEWS
06 Apr 2009 by kdub
Finally the finale!
OK, you've stuck it out through 8 parts... Here's the 9th and final part of the Indy Euro Tour video. Not only do you get some credits that include some really good comedy but you also get the Grosso surprise; a 50 foot long boardslide board breaker at 3:00 am in Spain. Enjoy!

P.S. If I get 10 emails from different people requesting it, I will post up next week a "Download and Burn your own DVD" link to an ISO file so all you tech nerds out there can burn a DVD and watch the video on your television at full resolution. Click "kdub" below to email me.
02 Apr 2009 by kdub
Part 8 of 10
Up now on is Part 8 of 9 total Indy Euro tour parts. This is actually the last main part but not the finale... You'll have to wait until Thursday (2 whole days people) to get the Grosso surprise and credits. Until then enjoy the ripping of Olson, Hewitt, Alain, Navs, Grosso, Stu, and others here>

While you're with us, peep this new park in Santa Clarita. Lookin' pretty damn fun!
31 Mar 2009 by kdub
Well that lasted about 2 hours. I am happy to say that Amie Alton got both questions right. Correct spelling and all.
MOFO= Morizen Foche
Oct 82" ad= cop is none other than Ermico founder Eric Swenson
Those T's and trucks are on there way. Enjoy!
Keep checking for more Pop quiz's to come.
27 Mar 2009 by Kram
Start this damn thing!
O.K. here we are, POP quiz time! The first person to correctly answer this question gets a complete hand numbered (all 6) set of the new Photographers series T's. Major dudes from the last 30+ years of Indy/ Skate history. Photos from Brittain, Kanights, Tanju, Terrebonne,Swift, and Mofo

speaking of MOFO... What is Mofo's full name???
hint: check your Indy BUILT TO GRIND book.

Because I am feeling fine on this Friday I am going to throw some extra credit your way.
This shit right here is hard. I just learned this the other day, so good luck.
The correct answer for this question gets a shiny new set of Independents!

Here we go. Who is this guy dressed like a cop for the Oct. 82' Thrasher ad???
I know that was way before most of you were born but here is a hint: FOUNDING father.
Good luck everybody. Just push the KRAM button below if you think you know the answers.

27 Mar 2009 by Kram
Indy Euro Tour updates
Getting a little behind in the blog and these parts are flying out like a kid a your local park doing benihanas! So lets get you caught up...

Following Germany is Austria:

Then Spain Part 1:

And now Spain Part 2

There's some sick spots out there! Dang!

Coming on Tuesday you've got the Finale and then on next Thursday, the Credits... well wait, they're not just credits because Jeff Grosso has a little 3:00 am surprize for you.

Get Some!
26 Mar 2009 by kdub
We are dropping a series of 6 very limited (300 each) Photo T's. Each with hand numbered postcard of the photo with the photographers notes on the image. These are images from the last 30+ years of Indy's history. Try to collect all 6, I dare you. Later in the week I will be hitting you all with a little POP quiz. Winner gets a complete set of the same numbered T's. ALL 6! Keep checking for more info.

Mofo shot of Alabamy

Swift shot of Alfaro

Jai shot of Brauch

Brittain shot of Hosoi

Terrebonne shot of Moore

Kanights shot of Peters

So good! You want these so bad. Keep checking here for the pop quiz to win!
25 Mar 2009 by Kram
Tuesday treats
Yup... just 44 seconds long. Euro Indy Tour Germany.
17 Mar 2009 by kdub
Happy St.Patties Day Bitches!

Party like it's Tuesday!

I only have a quick product to review. The Web Wizards apprentice, Marty, apparently has his own line of mini-pillows. Sold exclusively with his image on them. Very nice, we need to get you a new Hobby quick!

17 Mar 2009 by Kram
Euro 30th Part 3 - France Demo
That's right, we're rollin' em out every Tuesday and Thursday... Part 3 of Indy's Euro 30th featuring Stu Graham, Chris Haslam, and Alex Olson... demo style... wait, this wasn't supposed to be a demo tour?!
12 Mar 2009 by kdub
Indy 30th Euro Tour - France
Peep the featured video on Strange Notes this week; the 2nd installment of 9 total parts from Indy's 30th Anniversary Euro tour.

For the Slap Magazine coverage of this tour click HERE.
11 Mar 2009 by kdub
Apologies to Carl Wilson
Hey big oops on the first installment of the Indy Euro 30th tour footage on My apologies go out to my man Carl Wilson who I mistakenly labeled as Ben Raemers in the UK part currently posted. I'm sure they look different in person but they look exactly the same on video to me... like in this previous UK Indy tour spot from 07. Hell, they're both regs too!

More Skateboarding >>
09 Mar 2009 by kdub
Full length Indy Euro 30th Tour video
Don't miss the first of nine parts on of Independent's 30th Euro Tour. Today's release is in the UK featuring Chris Haslam, Ben Raemers, Alex Olson, and Jeff Grosso. Watch for the next part on Tuesday. Enjoy!

If you've been asleep since November, don't miss out on the 52 minute Indy 30th Anniversary US Tour video. 6 1/2 weeks of madness.
05 Mar 2009 by kdub
Random Doodles and Scratchings by Mark Widmann
Hey all you art fans out there in the Northern California area!

Malintzi Gallery in Santa Cruz is proud to present a solo show featuring the artwork of long time Independent Truck Co. Art Director Mark Widmann entitled Random Doodles and Scratchings. The show features a range of mediums including a series of sculptures made from blue painters tape and a variety of paintings that delve into Mark’s unique vision as an artist.

Come join us opening night this Friday with music from DJ RS2!

Friday, March 6, 2009 – 6-9 pm
Malintzi Gallery
Santa Cruz Art Center
1001 Center Street #15
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 427-1306

02 Mar 2009 by kdub